Wellness Programs

Whole Mama Program


The Whole Mama Wellness program strives to support and inspire motivated, mamas looking to improve their lives through multi-focused practical education, life skills support and personal discovery. Changing each Mama’s relationship with money, with food, herself and her family …supporting women in cultivating wholeness again

Program Outline

At Mamas for Mamas, our key initiatives and programs are designed with the message of a “hand up” not a “hand out”, meaning that in order to get to the systemic issues of poverty, certain belief systems that have been passed on from generation to generation need to be re threaded with the belief that they can change their path. This program has been developed with this in mind, addressing issues such as mental health, financial health, mindful practises, eating well, exercise, etc, and these are delivered by educated, respected members in the communities in each of their fields.

Young Mama Program

This program is offered in part by the generous support of TELUS & Coast Capital Savings


Young mama warrior! This well informed class is designed to comfort, instruct and celebrate with the youngest members of the mama world. Navigating motherhood at a young age can seem daunting and overwhelming. In this program years of experience are brought together in a mentorship based platform to take the fear and unknown out of becoming or being a new young mom. We are proud to offer the transferring of knowledge of experts in nutrition, parenting, mental health, exercise, finances, prenatal care/ post natal care, technology, and how you present to the world. Young mothers that embark on this journey with us will benefit from the support that matriarchs are generously wanting to give! A beautiful pairing! Up to age 30.



Setting up for Success

Special Guest Speaker: Tara Hogan – Manual Therapist | Educator | Coach

When: August 15, 2019
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Where: Mamas for Mamas office


What is “Success”?  Are you Successful? Do you LOVE your job?

Success comes to us in many ways, and in most cases we think about the big successes in life – new job, getting married, new baby, new house, promotion… but we have many successes before any of those ever come along.  In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to discover what “success” can look like, discuss what short term goals they have both personal and professionally and what they are passionate about. From there we can get creative and begin to make a concrete strategy to create their personal success.


This is a great workshop for a new mom retuning to the workforce, for someone who has been out of the workforce for several years, or someone who is starting to plan a return and not really sure on how to create success in that return.


If you are looking at a career move, wanting advise on whats the best “job” for you, considering starting your own business, or have a business that needs some love, you won’t want to miss this workshop!


Tara Hogan DOMP, Manual Therapist brings over 20 years of experience in business, both from the corporate world in Human Resources and Business to the field of manual therapy, health / wellness and coaching.  She now consults, provides coaching to woman who are passionate about themselves, family, their life and living to the fullest. She also balances a clinical practice, and help moms return to their wellness pre and postnatal, providing individual sessions and classes such as Infant Massage!


Self Care

Special Guest Speaker: Cori Molloy – lawyer with connect family law

When: August 22, 2019
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Where: Mamas for Mamas office

Cori shares her own personal journey through discovering the importance of self care. She talks about the simple day to day ways of incorporating self care into a busy mom life and the importance of self care on our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

This is an interactive workshop as Cori invites conversation into how self care has worked for you or the struggle you may have in finding the time to fit in caring for you while you care for your little humans.


Life Coach

Special Guest Speaker: Terri Knox  – Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, Author, Motivator, Influencer

When: August 29, 2019
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Where: Mamas for Mamas office


I am excited to have Terri come speak at Mamas for Mamas. Her passion, humor and energy fill the room and you cannot help but be influenced by her words to be the very best version of you. Through her words of motivation, kindness and understanding you will gain a new perspective and courage.


Terri is an insightful, innovative and high energy speaker, author, trainer, and life coach who will challenge you to use with tools such as introspection and humour to live each day with passion and purpose as you journey on your road to self discovery and enlightenment.


De-clutter & Organize

Special Guest Speaker: Cindy Brewster

When: September 12, 2019
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Where: Mamas for Mamas office

“My passion in life is creating peace and love. I believe in love yourself first. Design your space and home with love and peace will follow.” – Cindy Brewster


Cindy, an expert in organization and de-cluttering, will share with us how freeing our homes of clutter helps clear anxiety and stress. Have your “how to de-clutter and organize your home” questions ready for Cindy on August 29th.


Introduction to Circle of Security

Special Guest Speaker: Sarah & Nicole

When: September 5, 2019
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Where: Mamas for Mamas office

This is a taster of the Circle of Security principles/model –

At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. Imagine what it might feel like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you. The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Using the COS-P model developed by the Circle of Security originators, our trained Facilitators work with parents and care-givers to help them to:

  • Understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs
  • Support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions
  • Enhance the development of their child’s self esteem
  • Honor the innate wisdom and desire for their child to be secure

The COS website link: https://www.circleofsecurityinternational.com


Nicole and Sarah have  both have graduated with our Masters in Counselling from Gonzaga University. They are both moms: Nic has 4 kids aged 19, 18, 15 and 12 and has a BA in Psychology. She runs a charity in Thailand which helps children access and achieve education they otherwise wouldn’t be able to (among other amazing things!). Sarah has  3 kids are aged 5, 9 and 10 and has her BSc in Psychology as well as having trained as a hypnotherapist in London, England.

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