Basic Donation Program

Whatever you’re in need of, we’ll find a mama that can help! Head over to our Facebook page to reach out to Mamas in your community – swap toys, request or donate items, share experiences and connect. If you still aren’t able to get what you need, contact us directly via email and we’ll help as best we can! This program is made possible through private donors and fundraisers.

Comprehensive Donation Program

The donation program is a comprehensive program that matches identified needs of Mamas in the community with available donated items. Alternatively, matching donors whom have items identified by those clients in need. Items needed and items available are tracked and matched in an internal database that is updated daily as items come in and go out, and an in-office intakes take place. Although donating Mama to Mama is encouraged, a “store-front” space is maintained, and the Mamas for Mamas donation Van and team are available for pick up and delivery of items. This also includes donated new and returned items to stores partnered with Mamas for Mamas as means to recycling items set to be otherwise destroyed due to store policy. Monthly “pop-up” no cost clothing and household item swaps to take place. Location variable, space donated.

Mamas Mental Wellness & Clinical Counselling

Mamas Mental Health program is focused on supporting women dealing with the effects of trauma and poverty through sliding scale to no fee mental health services. These services include assessments by our psychiatric nurse clinician, trauma counsellor (MA, RCC,SRT certified), family counsellor Holly, and community counsellor, Ellen.

Mindful Mamas

Providing drop in support groups for addictions, postpartum depression, skills etc.

More details to come!

Sustainable Nourishment Program

The intent of this program: if we, as a community, can take some pressure off families living pay check to pay check or significantly at risk families by providing them with fresh and wholesome food, we are hoping to greatly reduce the impact that poverty has on these families, thus fostering a life that is healthier and happier. The main goal of this program is to ensure that no family in the Okanagan is without fresh and wholesome food that accommodates the individual dietary needs of these families; such as those with food allergies, sensitivities or disorders. In addition to alleviate nutritional effects of poverty, the program in its nature, fosters a sense of community. Either by working together in a community garden or by raising egg laying hens for those less fortunate. There is also a feeling and sense of empowerment that comes from being able to produce one’s own food. By teaching and facilitating gardening and harvesting, participants are actively involved in providing themselves and their families with wholesome nutrition. In the Central Okanagan, (Kelowna and surrounding area), there are currently 818 members of the Sustainable Nourishment program, and in Vernon where the project was launched in early December 2016, there are currently 97 members. Criteria for being a member of the page and online community is either self or office generated referral, the ability to donate/trade perishable food items, or the need to receive them. Note, clients do not need to be a part of the online community to receive support.

Whole Mama Program

An 8 week course in a group of 10 learning how to practice positive self-care, find time for proper nutrition, exercise and sleep facilitated by a mental health clinician. Followed by learning how to meal plan and budget for groceries, insurance and necessities in the first 2 weeks from our cash counselor, Candace Chisholm, finishing with the last 2 weeks of education and employment, entrepreneur training by Shannon Mcvagh-Janz. The remaining weeks will be run by professionals who will present free training opportunities, and support in starting a home based business.


This course is free of cost but registrants must be able to attend most, if not all of the sessions to receive full benefit. This program runs once per year at the Choice’s Market boardroom.

Young Mama Program

Young mama warrior! This well informed class is designed to comfort, instruct and celebrate with the youngest members of the mama world. Navigating motherhood at a young age can seem daunting and overwhelming. In this program years of experience are brought together in a mentorship based platform to take the fear and unknown out of becoming or being a new young mom. We are proud to offer the transferring of knowledge of experts in nutrition, parenting, mental health, exercise, finances, prenatal care/ post natal care, technology, and how you present to the world. Young mothers that embark on this journey with us will benefit from the support that matriarchs are generously wanting to give! A beautiful pairing! Up to age 30.

Cooking Up Karma

The Fresh Start Project is working with us and Third Space on this super exciting project to feed more mamas, families and kids! The fresh start project was created to provide culinary and farm education to inspire people about food, and provide employment skills as well. After you’ve gone through your round of cooking up karma with Mamas, we can refer you to Fresh Start for a longer term course which will provide many food related certificates as well. Feed your families and your soul

“It is our belief that the entire community benefits when its most vulnerable members are empowered to lead better lives. Our mission is to contribute towards social equity in our community through inspiring people about local food, and by increasing access to educational and employment opportunities.”

Car Seat Inspection

Mamas for Mamas wants to ensure all of your kids are safe in a car. We have a CPSAC Certified Car Seat Technician on our team and are booking appointments to inspect your car seats and boosters to ensure that they are installed safely and to show you how to install them correctly.

Doula Program

Our doula Amber  will be meeting with a group of 5 mamas every 2 weeks to answer questions and talk about pre and post natal care.
– Upcoming dates: July 12 & 26
– Time: 10-11
– First topic for July 12: What is a doula & what does prenatal support look like? Future topics to be determined
– Group size: 5 mamas to start with potential to grow in future
Mamas can sign up until July 11th.
– Tea and toys will be provided during program by mamas
– Mamas may bring their littles to the program