Mental Health

The Mamas for Mamas Mental Health program takes aim at providing increased access to activities, and programs contributing to the mental wellness of our Mamas through a sliding scale to no fee mental health services. This includes, but is not limited to access to registered clinical counsellors, referrals to individual and group counselling with fellow support, yoga and other meditative activities, access to physical activities, parenting support for transitions such as separations, divorce, etc. Making holistic healing available to all Mamas regardless of socioeconomic background.


We are pleased to provide intake mental health and resource services through our human service worker, with referrals to community based and in-house assessments by our psychiatric nurse and our clinical trauma counsellor.  We also provide two separate group courses: Young mama warrior and our whole mama programs offer a course in education, empowerment and financial literacy to Mamas working their way through the barriers to wellness in motherhood.

Meet the Team

Shannon Christensen, MA, RCC

Shannon provides oversight, development and manages funding for the Mamas Mental Health Program. Specialized trauma counsellor with post masters training in self regulation therapy through CFTRE, a form of somatic therapy. Shannon’s focus has been on treating women and children dealing with trauma and chronic mental illness. Currently acting in a supervisory role only, not taking new clients.


Melissa Twomey, MA. RCC

Melissa is our trauma counsellor and supervisor of the Mamas mental health program. She provides individual trauma counselling to our Mamas and support to the rest of the Mental Health Team.

Hilary Davies


Holly Munro. MA. RCC

Family Counsellor

Kim Valade

Community Service Intake Coordinator.

Ellen Reimer

Community Counsellor.