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Yesterday a lovely mom come over and dropped off a birthday present for my daughter that turned 5. I was so grateful and was almost in tears when her little boy went to had me the gift. What I thought wasn't going to be a great birthday for my daughter turned into a wonderful day. Love this group!


I'd just like to say to all the moms have helped me this past week!! All the moms that gave advice and help me with dealing with unexpected illness in the family I had. I wish I can tag all the moms that helped me here. Thank you Lorraine Giesbrecht for the interview clothes and more that I wasn't expecting. I got the job. First job in 8 years. Thank you for the support. This group is truly amazing!!


Thank you Shannon and team for all the amazing work you are doing in the community and in the Mama's for Mama's community! I can't say how encouraging it has been to be a part of this group to see women coming together to support one another! Its amazing!


I think this group is absolutely fabulous and really gives families a chance and reassurance that not only do we all go through struggles, but that we can all get through it with genuine support. My blended family has now moved to Calgary and I hope to find a group like this here but I will stay on with Mamas for Mamas as I want to keep in touch and stay a part of it all. Thank you again


“I just have to say this group is amazing! The support for one another is fantastic. It is so nice to see moms helping moms. Being a parent is the most rewarding and amazing gift ever, but also the most challenging! I am a single mom and sometimes it can get tough, so I think it's fabulous to know I will always have moms who can offer to help if I need it. Thanks for everything you do!


Just wanted to thank you Shannon and your team. I was lucky to join mamas for mamas very early on and it has changed me. I was the girl who bought things thinking of its "resale" value... However after having my twins I finally understood the meaning behind "it takes a village". Thank you for creating this meeting place for our village Shannon (and Co.). The feeling of helping other mamas and getting help back has changed my outlook on life. Yesterday was an amazing day, I was able to give so much away and help tons of mamas.... And I feel better than I would cash in hand. In case you don't hear it often, thank you!


Yesterday, I read on Mamas For Mamas that a single mother sent her two children to school with no lunches as she had no food in her home, nor money to buy food. The other Mamas directed her to where she could get help via a friend who posted the sad situation. Help she will get through organizations and personal gifts from other Mamas. This Facebook organization is up for an award in Kelowna - well deserved. When I was a child, there were many times there was no money in our home. I was the oldest child and have many hardship memories. No organization was there to help our family like these Mamas are able to do with Facebook. Bless all of them for being so caring.


Thanks so much everyone! I'm so honored to be a part of this organization which has been a huge part of my life. Before I started with Mamas For Mamas, my son and I were in a really tough situation. I was forced to leave my life behind and start over. I moved into an empty home with not a single piece of furniture, houseware, clothing, toys or food. My son and I were sharing a blow up mattress (with a hole in it to boot), which is all we owned at the time. With the help and support from Mamas For Mamas and all of you, I was able to furnish my home, provide toys and clothes for my kids, as well as put food on the table. For this, I will be forever thankful and I really strive to give back to the community. Mamas has helped me so much, so thank you to my team who are there to support me, and to all of the mamas who have helped me along the way so I am able to give back.